Stuffed animals are great companions for kids on long flights

Stuffed animals are great companions for kids on long flightsLong flights can be quite challenging for anyone, let alone kids. So, how to keep them calm and entertained? Stuffed animals can help.

Pretty much every person gets a little uncomfortable and tired during a really long flight. Spending 10 hours with little space can be stressful, especially for little kids.

A little extra preparation before the flight can go a long way. And using stuffed animals is an easy way to make the children more comfortable.

Emirates even has a special line of stuffed animals. It’s called Fly With Me Animals and they are a group of small stuffies which you can buy on board. “Children can wrap up with their buddy in a blanket, use theirs as a bag or attach a cuddly companion to their stroller when they’re on the move. They can also explore our Fly With Me Animals magazine, which is full of puzzles, games and comes with coloured pencils”, the company writes on its website.

Carlos the macaw, Ernie the penguin, Eve the reindeer and Fudo the tiger are among the latest additions to the toy line. Of course, you can bring your own stuffies on board, too.

But be sure they are small, because you will need space, plus big stuffed animals might not be allowed on board since they are counted as carry on luggage. Plus a smaller stuffie is easier to handle by the child.