Stuffed animals and the beach – is it a good combination?

Stuffed animals and the beach - is it a good combination?

Summer is here and going to the beach is one of the most popular activities. Is it a good idea to also take a stuffed animal to the beach?

Well, yes and no. On one hand that could mean lots of fun for the kids. On the other – it also means lots of sand in the fur of the plushie.

You can definitely bring a stuffed animal to the beach. Just make sure it’s a small one with not that much fur. And one that’s machine washable.

This way you can still have the fun of having a plush friend on the beach and also keep things easy to clean. Pick a stuffed animal which is smaller to make carrying easy.

Also try to keep it away from the direct sun for long periods of time. If it gets drenched in the wet sand, then you can rinse it off with water. We’ve even had plushies go into the sea for a bit. If it’s something that happens from time to time, there’s no reason to worry.

Just make sure you can actually machine wash the plushie afterwards. This will remove the sea water and the sand. And in the end you will have a happy pushie which spent time on the beach.

And also, don’t bring stuffed animals with pellets or other type of stuffing which isn’t fabric. This way everything will wash and dry and no mold will build up. This is why it’s also important not to keep the plushie wet for too long. So, keep it mostly under the umbrella to enjoy the view.