Stuffed animals and dust mites

Stuffed animals and dust mites - cleaningStuffed animals and dust mites often go hand in hand. That’s quite normal because stuffies get to spend a lot of time on the floor when kids play with them. Also the toys are dust magnits as a whole thanks to their furry and fluffy outfits.

Dust mites are almost microscopic organisms that are commonly found almost everywhere. Their particular favorites are kitches and bedrooms. Bedrooms are also the most common place one can find stuffed animals. The organisms like moisture and consume minute particles of organic matter.

They are also producing allergens which are one of the most common reasons for asthma. Other allergies can also be triggered by dust mites. Taking care of them is recommended especially when the child is allergic.

Stuffed animals and dust mites – taking care

So what to do with stuffed animals and dust mites? The obvious thing is to wash and clean stuffed animals regularly. That would be good enough if the toys are relatively clean.

But if they have spent a long time gathering dust or have been played with a lot on the floor or outside, then a simpla wash might not be enough. Especially if the child has allergies. Then you will have to be even more stringent.

Keep in mind that dust mites can live through the common washing cycle. They need a temperature of about 130 F and more to be killed. Some newer dryers have such settings but older ones do not. Plus exposing the stuffed animals to such temperatures can damage them.

An easy way to keep safe stuffed animals and dust mites removed is to freeze the soft toys. Put them in the freezer for a day or two then use a dryer on a gentle setting to dry them. This will remove both dust mites and allergens.

Yet another possibility forĀ dealing with stuffed animals and dust mitesĀ is spot cleaning. Mix vinegar and baking soda with warm water and soak a microfiber cloth in it. Then use it to wipe the stuffed animal down.

Another option is to get a vacuum cleaner and give the stuffies a very good cleaning. The vacuum cleaner will suck most of the dust and allergens out of the toy.

Of course you don’t have to do that every day. But you can use the vacuum for a daily grooming of the stuffed animals. Antibacterial wet wipes are also a good idea especially when out or travelling.

So there we are. While stuffed animals and dust mites might go hand in hand, they can easily be separated and keep the stuffies safe and clean for the children. Also check out our forum.