Stuffed animals and child development

Stuffed animals and child developmentA lot can be said about stuffed animals and child development. The basic conclusion that one can give in the end is simple. Stuffed animals are one of the best and most classic ways to help your child develop various skills, values and their mind.

It may sound a bit like an exaggeration. But actually it’s true. Stuffed toys can have a better effect on a child’s development than the so-called “educational toys”. Even today, in the age of technology and gadgets, stuffed animals continue to fill the stores and be one of the most beloved toys by everyone. There’s a reason for it.

Stuffed animals and child development effects

A while back Parents Magazine came out with a big story on this subject. In it they share the most important lessons that a child can learn from playing with stuffed animals. Specialists also say that stuffed animals and child development go hand in hand.

“Children often express emotions and thoughts while playing with dolls that they might not be able to convey using words,” says Allan Gonsher, a play therapist in Overland Park, Kansas.

“Dolls and stuffed animals can help toddlers cope with separation anxiety,” says Paul Donahue, PhD, a child psychologist in Scarsdale, New York. Parents can use stuffed animals to help their children learn to be independent and don’t be afraid of being alone for a while.

Another benefit to stuffed animals and child development is that with them you can help your child get to know how to deal with the various emotions a person goes through every day. “Children at this age can learn to manage their emotions by role-playing with dolls,” explains Dr. Donahue. “It gives them a way to communicate their own experiences in a playful, nonthreatening manner.”

You can also use the help of stuffed toys to teach the child how to speak, how to get along with others and develop their sense of compassion and care for others. And all the while having some fun and building a greater connection with your kid.

Some may say that stuffed animals are suitable only for girls. But actually that’s not the case at all. These types of toys are great for every child. At the least they will teach the kid to know and like animals which is very important.

And playing with soft toys helps out honing verbal skills, encourages empathy. It is also a great way to master the feelings and can be helpful in working out issues. Playing with stuffed animals also helps to develop a creative mind which is a very big advantage in everyday life later on.

In the end stuffed animals and child development is an important topic for every parent. It should be used as it is a great way to teach and spend time with your kids.