Students line up to participate in Stuff a Lion event

Students line up to participate in Stuff a Lion eventAs we’ve often said, everyone loves stuffed animals. Even college students who even waited in line to participate in MSSU’s Stuff a Lion event.

Missouri Southern State University hostedĀ its annual Stuff a Lion event, where students can get a free cuddly stuffed animal. All they have to do is come and actually stuff the lion and customize it to their tastes, Fourstates Home Page reports.

The event is so popular students actually line up more than an hour before it starts, just to secure a place. This is because the stuffed animals are limited and not enough for all wiling to participate. This year some of the students even had to be turned away because the toys were all out.

MSSU gives out a Roary the lion stuffed animal. You can check it in video form at the source. More than 200 students were in line hoping to get a stuffed lion and customize it.

“This is always a really big hit. All the lions always ended up, end up being taken and the students really enjoy this. For some reason, even college kids still love stuffed animals,” said Ashley Burns, sophomore.

What this reason may be? Actually, there are quite a lot of reasons why people from all ages love stuffed animals. At the very least, they are cute and cuddly. For some, they remind of their home, childhood and so on. Stuffed animals are even known to help cure depression.

There are life lessons from stuffed animals, to be learned, too. Including some from Winnie the Pooh. And, finally, here are just some of the other reasons why we all love stuffies. You can see how science has proven it, too.

Also, here are 10 signs that you love stuffed animals, just in case you are still not sure. We know we do!