Students created this plush corgi out of memory foam

Students created this plush corgi out of memory foam Two students from the University of Texas have a new creation. They made a cute plush corgi out of memory foam and seek funding for their project.

Meet Sherill Feng and Andy Shaw. Last month, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their plush corgi project. They have already raised about $30 000. And they needed only about $7500.

The motivation behind the project is simple. Most kids love their stuffed animals a lot. They spend a lot of time with them and carry them everywhere.

With time, this starts to take a toll on the plushies. Their stuffing deforms and the toys might and can start to lose their shape and form. That’s not good.

So, this is where Waffles, the Memory Foam Corgi comes in. “We were motivated to solve plush losing shape when washed, used as a pillow, or cuddled with. We created Memory Plush, memory foam plush (the name is literal), to solve this tragic issue that plagued us when we were young and continues to plague millions of children in America every year,” the website reads.

When they had to decide with what animal to begin, the choice was easy. Fend loves dogs and her favorite breed is corgi. If their project turns into a company, Memory Plush has plans to make many more dogs and other stuffed animals. All of them will be made mostly out of memory foam.

The Kickstarter fundraiser continues with about 2 weeks left. You can donate to the campaign and for $39 get your own Waffles. For $54 they will even embroider a name on your toy. For lower donations you will get stickers, magnets and etc.