Storm Buddies protect your children during a storm

Storm Buddies protect your children during a storm
Image credit: Storm Buddies

Some children may be scared during storms. Storm Buddies are stuffed animals that have been created especially for these cases and will help calm the child.

Storm Buddies are a creation by author Melissa Pope. Her son was extremely frightened by storms and she tried everything she could think of to calm him down but nothing worked. So this inspired her to write the book called Storm Buddies. It features three animals that protect children during storms and keeps them safe.

Along with the book, there are stuffed animals versions of the three characters. This way they have the calming effect and help the children cope with the storms.

“My 8 year old watched the news, weather channel and the sky at all times,” Pope says. “It disrupted his daily schedule, sports and all activities after school because he was so focused on what might happen with the weather. I wish he would have had The Storm Buddies in his young life.”

“Storm Buddies” is a fictional tale about a little boy named Tommy who is terrified of stormy weather.Tommy overcomes this fear with the help of three small animals, called The Storm Buddies, who live in a cloud pillow under Tommy’s bed.

The buddies are a horse, tiger and a dog. They are small and perfect for cuddling. They come in a set of all three for 14.99 dollars. If you get the book too, the price is 19.99 dollars.

Storm Buddies are a perfect example that stuffed animals have a therapeutic effect. We have already covered their helpful effect over children that need to cope with crime or depression.