Steiff creates a special limited edition Sailor Moon teddy bear

Steiff creates a special limited edition Sailor Moon teddy bearPopular german teddy bear maker Steiff announced the release of a special new limited edition bear. It’s a bear wearing the Sailor Moon guardian costume.

The special teddy bear will join other bears based on Duralumin, Ciel Phantomhive and other popular anime characters. Now Sailor Moon is joining, too.

The bear will commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon franchise. As always, Steiff will make the special teddy bears by hand.

They are limited to only 1992 bears. Why that number? It represents the year when the Sailor Moon franchise made its debut.

The online store of Bandai already accepts preorders for the bear. It’s expected it will be released in December 2017. 1992 Sailor Moon bears is not a lot. So, they are bound to go quickly.

If you’re a Steiff collector or a Sailor Moon fan… or both, then this bear is an absolute must. So, you better be quick with the preorder. The price for the Sailor Moon Steiff teddy bear is quite steep – $387 a pop.

Still, it carries all the Steiff qualities and details you might expect. It’s made out of top materials and features the iconic button with a tag on one ear. On one paw there’s a Sailor Moon logo and the outfit is as close to the original as possible. The bear also is slightly pinkish in color. It’s a definite must for a bear collection.