Squeezamals come to try and compete with the Hatchimals

Squeezamals come to try and compete with the HatchimalsThe Hatchimals are quite popular and fun stuffed animals. But you can’t reaaaaly hug them. Well, the Squeezamals are now here to rectify that.

The Squeezamals are new, relatively small stuffed animals. As their name suggests, their main feature is that you can squeeze them.

You can actually squeeze them a lot! Then you can watch them grow back and regain their original form. You can even get individual versions of the characters.

And the characters in question are a penguin, elephant, unicorn and a narwhal. They are proving popular, so Target now has a special game for them.

The Freeze ‘N’ Squeeze Squeezamals game is a new “twist of hot potato”. The package features an exclusive Squeezamal and tThe person who gets caught holding the animal when it’s time to eat, must pay for its snack.

The game is $12.99 which is for sure to make the parents’ wallets happy. And the kids would be happy, too, as they get an exclusive Squeezamal and a fun new game for 4 to 8 players.