Spin Master sues against illegal Hatchimal copies

Spin Master sues against illegal Hatchimal copiesThe Hatchimals enjoy quite a lot of attention, but with success often comes some unexpected trouble. For example, fakes of your product and illegal copies.

Spin Master has filed a lawsuit against the Chinese company Dngguan Moral Region. The Hatchimal maker says the Chinese company has infringed patents used for the interactive stuffed animal, ToyNews reports.

“Following the launch on October 7th, 2016, Hatchimals became a global success and continue to resonate with children worldwide,” said Ben Gadbois, COO and global president at Spin Master Ltd.

“We are proud of Hatchimals’ global achievements and will continue to protect our interests and investments to ensure our ongoing success. It is also important that we raise awareness of these infringing products, not just for our company, but to protect our importers, distributors and the public who value the investments we make in research and development to create revolutionary new play patterns that put us at the leading edge of fun.”

Spin Master holds patents or pending applications in the US, EU, Canada and other major regions. These patents cover the technologies the company uses in the Hatchimals.

As with any successful product, the Hatchimals have their fair share of copies. Some of them use the technologies without permission for their own toys. Others make illegal copies of the Hatchimals. All of this hurts both the company and the consumers who can get scammed. It’s why Spin Master takes a stand.

Chris Harrs, general counsel for Spin Master Ltd, added: “Infringers can damage our business by flooding the market with inferior products, but more importantly, they also hurt consumers who have come to rely on the quality of our products”.

This means that you should be a bit careful when you purchase products online. Make sure you check the vendor and don’t get tempted by the price if the vendor seems sketchy.