Spin Master releases two new Hatchimals

Spin Master releases two new HatchimalsSpin Master kicks off the new year with two new Hatchimals. They are not from the Surprise range, but instead come in the original Fabula Forest eggs.

The two new models are Tigrette and Puffatoo. Both of them have new updated visual design and several new features.

For example, the new Hatchimals can play music and can participate in games. Kids can also teach the new toys how to say their name.

The two new Hatchimals have updated patterned fur and hair. Puffatoo has a purple patterned fur with an obmre tuft of hair. Tigrette has striped fur and shiny metallic ears.

Just like other Hatchimals, the two new characters need care. Kids have to hatch them from the eggs and then raise them through several stages.

They include from baby to toddler to kid. Each stage unlocks new abilities and games for the Hatchimal. Both new characters are already in the major toy stores and shop. They also cost $59.99 a pop.

Interestingly enough, the original single Hatchimals seem to be more popular than the new Surprise versions. Spin Master released Hatchimals Surprise which comes with two characters in one egg in October 2017. It was just in time for the holiday shopping spree.

But things didn’t pan out like that. Hatchimals Surprise couldn’t recapture the frenzy of the original Hatchimals from the previous year. Instead, it was the Fingerlings by WowWee which held the top spot.

Now it seems Spin Master is coming back to the original Hatchimals, too. It’s also interesting that these toys debut now and not during the Toy Fair 2018 in New York which is in February. Probably the company has a lot more new stuff coming for that event and wants to unload some of it sooner. We will find out soon enough. Hopefully, there’s going to be new stuff for the Hatchimals, too.