Spin Master launches season two of Bakugan: Armoured Alliance in the US

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Spin Master launches season two of Bakugan: Armoured Alliance in the USSpin Master has launched Season two of Bakugan: Armoured Alliance in the US. As you can expect, the series comes along with lots of new toys.

The premiere was on the US edition of Cartoon Network on March 1st. It continues with the adventures of Dan Kouzo and his friends.

Season two explores the Brawlers and Bajkugan and lots of other new stuff. There’s also new Baku-Gear for battles.

And the series comes along with new toys. There’s a new card game and lots of accessories. Among them we see the new Bakugan Ultra Ball with Baku-Gear. It features magnet-activated transformation and other new stuff.

“Bakugan: Armored Alliance promises to bring bigger battles as the brawlers find themselves in unchartered territories,” said Jennifer Dodge, executive vice president, Spin Master Entertainment and producer of the show. “Bakugan is a global franchise that comes to life across multiple platforms; incredible Japanese-anime entertainment, combined with new toy technology that lends itself to heightened strategic play with digital content and influencer groundswell delivering the battling excitement to fans.”

The are also more toys in the works. They will debut this autumn you can expect the Bakugan Dragonoid Infinity. It will be a big transforming figure as in the show. Also new adds are the Bakugan Premium Arena and new brawl elements.

Spin Master is also launching a new mobile app for Bakugan on iOS and Android. It features new characters, options and games. Basically, there’s lots of new stuff for Bakugan fans.