Spin Master introduces its first Batman action figure line-up

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Spin Master introduces its first Batman action figure line-upA bit more than a year after it announced the license, Spin Master finally introduced its first line of Batman action figures. And they are quite cool.

The Spin Master DC Comics action figure line-up is going to be big. For now things start with a focus on Batman and a mix of classic figures and surprise packs.

For example, you can see the action figure you get, but next to it in the package is a blind bag. In it you have three boxes with accessories for each figure.

Each figure will have up to 11 points of articulation and there will be one rare figure to look for. This first shipment features a “First Edition” sticker on the boxes to make them feel more special.

These are the 12-inch tall action figures. Spin Master will also offer 4- and 2-inc tall action figures of DC Comics characters, again, starting with Batman.

Along Batman there are also Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn, Superman, Flash and Shazam. Basically most of the most popular DC Comics characters are coming with the first wave. In the smaller packs there’s also Bane and several other villains.

For the 4-inch action figures, Spin Master will also have a Batmobile, Batboat and Batcyle toys. The 12-inch line will feature a Deluxe Batman with lights, sounds and rapid-change utility belt. This one will cost $19.99 while the regular 12-inch figures will be $9.99.

Meanwhile the 4-inchers are $7.99 a pop, while the vehicles will be $17.99 and $19.99. The 2-inch figures are $4.99 a pop or $239.99 for a blind-pack display tray with 48 figures included.