Southern Indiana court launches an Adopt-a-toy campaign

Southern Indiana court launches an Adopt-a-toy campaignCourts can be an intimidating place. The Southern Indiana court wants to show kids it’s not that scary with a new Adopt-a-toy campaign.

The campaign wants to introduce kids to the legal system and show them parts of the process. Plus it also teaches them the importance of adopting and taking care of someone, WTHR reports.

This is the 12th annual campaign of Judge Vicky Carmichael at the Clark County Circuit Court. Children could bring their toys, dolls and stuffed animals to court to receive Certificates of Adoption.

“Kids see court on TV, and it’s usually something bad,” she said. “This is a way to show them that it doesn’t always have to be bad, and judges can be nice people, and everybody can be friendly and get along.”

It’s a simple, yet educating event which also has a lot of importance. It shows kids the court can be a good place and good things also happen there.