Sonic the Hedgehog and Hello Kitty unite for new range of plush toys

Sonic the Hedgehog and Hello Kitty unite for new range of plush toysIt’s happening! After all these years, Sonic the Hedgehog and Hello Kitty are uniting! They will come in the form of a big range of stuffed animals.

Both SEGA and Sanrio join forces for the new collection. The range will be called Sonic the Hedgehog Sanrio collection.

It will feature several plush animals from the get-go. Among them are mash-ups of characters from Sega and Sanrio.

For example, one of the toys will have Sonic’s form, but Hello Kitty’s face. Other mash-ups will join together Tails, Knuckles and Amy with Badtz-Maru, Chococat and My Melody. Each of the plushies will be 10-inches tall.

The new plush animal range is part of the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of Sonic’s franchise. This is just the first phase in the plan. The second will feature even more plush toys and vinyl action figures from Toynami.  Also, SEGA and Sanrio will offer co-branded characters, too.

“SEGA and Sanrio both have a rich history in creating whimsical creative characters that transcend generations along with a loyal dedicated fan base,” said licensing director of SEGA of America, Anoulay Tsai to ToyNews. “With 2016 marking Sonic’s 25th anniversary, we’ve stepped out of the box by creating innovative collaborations with iconic brands like Hello Kitty to reinforce the relevance, longevity and strength of our beloved blue hedgehog”, Tsai adds.