Someone is selling a Princess Diana Beanie Baby on eBay for $300 000

Many Beanie Baby teddy bears often reach some quite high prices. A classic purple Beanie Baby dedicated for Princess Diana beats all the records.

These Princess Beanie Babies bears are one of the most rare and sought after by collectors. Some people try to take an advantage of this.

Someone from Canada tried to sell one of these bears on eBay for a whopping $300 000, International Business Times reports. The good news? They also offer free shipping.

Someone else from the US on the other hand is a bit more “modest”. They are selling the rare teddy bear for $29 999.99. All of these prices are crazy though and not at all realistic.

The Ty Collector website says that the first edition Princess bears are actually worth about $45 if they are from China and $54 if they are from Indonesia.┬áThe website adds: “Collectors who paid hundreds of dollars for Princess during the initial buying frenzy still believe Princess is worth more than the price they paid. Children who received Princess as a gift from their parents believe it is valuable today because ‘their parents told them so.'”

The bears were dedicated to Princess Diana and they went on sale only in the US in December 1997 for $10 a pop. In the early 1998 the bears made their way to Canada and Europe. There were several versions and for some reason collectors started to claim they were a special limited edition. This created a lot of hype around the purple bears even to this day. In reality, they aren’t that rare or difficult to find.