Some of the hottest toys and stuffed animals for 2018

Some of the hottest toys and stuffed animals for 20182018 may be a challenging year for the toy market and toy companies. But the companies aren’t giving up. They are in fact putting extra effort in their new toys. And this year there are already some quite interesting toys fighting for attention.

The New York Post already has a selection of some of the hottest toys and stuffed animals for 2018. They feature a few interesting toys.

One of them is the new Fingerlings HUGS by WowWee. They are a plush version of the original Fingerlings and are bigger. The new plush toys are 24-inches tall and can stretch out their arms to 20 inches.

The new Fingerlings Hugs can record voices, repeat what you say in funny ways, etc. There will be several characters, mostly new versions of the originals. The new Fingerlings Hugs will cost $29.99 and will hit the stores in August 2018.

Another furry addition are the Pomsies by Skyrocket. They are cute small plushies which kids can take everywhere with them. They can even hang on the wrist or backpack. The kitties have a mode for social play and a mode for caring. They change their eye colors when they are either sleepy, happy, hungry, etc. They also make sounds to let you know what type of care they need.

These cute plush toys will cost $14.99 and will hit the stores by July 2018.

The thirst plush addition is the Pikmi Pops PushMi Ups by Moose Toys. These toys come in small cans. Pop them and you will get confetti, a scented mini plush Pikmi toy and a guide. There are 12 characters to collect. Each such toy will cost $4.99 and they are already in the stores.

There are bound to be a lot more interesting plush toys coming out this year. It’s interesting to not that most of the toys aren’t movie based. It seems that movie-related toys are on the back burner for a while.