Some Hatchimals are not hatching, angering parents

Some Hatchnimals are not hatching angering parentsEven the Hatchimals are not immuned to problems. There are reports that some Hatchimals are not actually hatching. Needless to say, parents are not happy.

We all know how difficult is to get your hands on the Hatchimals. The interest for the toys is huge and there are simply not enough to go around.

So you can imagine the frustration when you manage to get a Hatchimal only to find out it’s a dud. Several reports online say people bought Hatchimals which did not hatch.

Spin Master, who is the manufacturer of the Hatchimals, took to YouTube and its own site to respond.

Unhatchable Hatchimals

“Dear Customers, We are sorry to hear that some of you are having challenges with your Hatchimals. The first step to note is that the plastic ‘locks’ located underneath the egg need to be turned 90 degrees and pulled out from underneath to activate the hatching process. You can see how to properly pull them out at the 0:45 mark here:”

That hasn’t stopped people from posting new complaints though. There are even Facebook groups where people post their problems, KY3 reports. The TV station notes there are reports for similar effects in Canada and other countries, so it’s not about a bad batch.

According to Spin Master it’s about knowing how to properly use the toy and activate the hatching process. It seems it hasn’t explained that process well enough. Still, it seems there’s a bit of a problem, since some parents say they have been told by Spin Master they will receive new toys.

Hopefully the problem will be resoled quickly.