Snow Shine smart plush toy wins a major CES 2019 award

Snow Shine smart plush toy wins a major CES 2019 awardSmart toys are getting more and more popular. Now the Snow Shine smart teddy bear wins the CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honouree for the best such toy ever.

Snow Shine receives quite the praise. It’s described as the “smartest and most interactive plush toy conceived”, ToyNews reports.

The plush toy can do a lot of thins at home. It’s made by Immplay and can sing, tell stories, play games and help kids establish routines and healthy habits. Snow Shine also helps kids with bedtime routines and pre-school learning. The toy can also connect and react with apps such as Spotify and YouTube and also platforms and devices with Amazon Alexa and more.

“The product was developed through extensive collaboration between Carvalho and Zorn and former talent and executives from global companies like Universal, Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros. Earlier versions of Snow have been well received, having been awarded the 2015 Toy of the Year in France and the Snow & Stella app was one of the most downloaded upon its release”, ToyNews adds.

Now Snow Shine comes to the market fully ready. Jay@Play will be the Master Toy Licensee and has big plans for the cute bear. This includes a line of accessories, learning and play products and more. So, you can expect quite the interesting times with Snow Shine as the bear makes his way on the market next year.