Snapchat starts selling a plushie version of its icon

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Snapchat starts selling a plushie version of its icon

The popular messaging app Snapchat is also getting in on the stuffed toys business. The company has started to sell a plushie version of its ghost icon.

It’s not uncommon for popular companies to start selling a plushie version of their mascots. But still it may be the first time an actual app and not a game is doing that.

So now you can get two versions of Ghostface Chillah as the original name of the mascot is. Both are available on Amazon.

One is large and is 9 inches tall and costs 18 dollars. The other one is small and is 5 inches tall and costs just 9 dollars. Other than that they are visually identical. It is being sold directly by Snapchat and the shipping naturally is handled by Amazon.

According to Shapchat’s CEO Evan Spiegel the ghost is a “Silly dude”. He says he got the idea for the name from one of his favorite rappers – Ghostface Killah from Wu-Tang Clan. Spiegel is a big fan of hip-hop so he jumped at the possibilty of including something in his company.

We doubt this new revenue stream for the company will become the main income, but who knows… If the Snapchat Ghostface Chillah plushie catches on and the company starts making even more stuffed animals it may become a force not only in the mobile world, but in the toy world as well.