Smyths will hold a free Easter egg hunt in stores

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Smyths will hold a free Easter egg hunt in stores
Flickr (CC) / Steven Depolo

Smyths Toys stores in the UK will hold a special free Easter egg hunt next week. It will feature only a few clues and free Easter Eggs as prizes.

The Smyths Toys Easter egg hunt will be on Saturday April 15th. It will start at 9am and will continue up to 2pm.

There will be several different Easter eggs. Each will be hidden at various places around the stores.

In order to know where, you will be able to pick a clue sheet. It will give you only a few clues in order to help you find the eggs, but also keep it interesting and challenging.

The Easter egg hunt will be free and no purchase is required to take part. But you should be quick, as there is a limited supply of Easter eggs.

But it’s still a great way to have some fun. You can even use the help of a stuffed animal or two which you could bring along for the fun.