Smyths toys and H Grossman rebuff the slime claims by Which?

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Smyths toys and H Grossman rebuff the slime claims by Which?The whole slime debacle continues to get more complex. The Which? organization claims have been rebuffed by a retailer and a manufacturer.

Both Smyths Toys and H Grossman are not agreeing with the claims, ToyNews reports. Originally Which? said that several famous slime toy products exceed EU’s safety standard levels for the chemical boron.

Boron is found in borax, a common ingredient in slime that helps to create its stickiness. The EU safety limit is 300mg/kg for slime and 12000mg/kg for putty. One of those named brands is the Ghostbusters Slime by H Grossman.

The company doesn’t agree with the claims. “Consumers can see the reports from several independent accredited laboratories which confirm that this product is technically a ‘putty’ and that the levels of all elements are well within safety standards,” it says in a statement.

There’s more: ““It is regrettable that a consumer magazine has made an entirely untrue allegation without producing scientific support. H Grossman Ltd commissioned two laboratories to analyse the batch mentioned by Which? These were sent to the magazine and also to Trading Standards. The reports are also available to any interested person on request to H Grossman. H Grossman supplied these full reports to Which? Before publication.”

Smyths also isn’t happy: “Children’s safety is our first priority. Ghostbuster Slime was supplied to us by the UK distributor H Grossman Ltd who have provided us with test results from independent accredited laboratories. These indicate that the product is technically a ‘putty’ and that it is well within all safety standards. Consumers have a right to be fully informed and to see that the highest safety standards are followed. The only solid information we have is the reports from reputable laboratories which indicate that such standards are being met. We understand that H Grossman Ltd will make these reports available to any interested persons”, the company says.