The smart toy Leka helps children with developmental disorders

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The smart toy Leka helps children with developmental disordersLeka is a new type of smart toy which is created to help children with developmental disorders to learn. Leka has many interactive features making play fun and educational.

Currently Leka is on Indiegogo looking to raise initial funding for the completion of its development. The company needs $60 000 in funding. Leka is billing its robotic smart toy as the first interactive tool that will be available for purchase directly to parents, therapists and caregivers online at an affordable price point.

“Our mission is to help exceptional children live exceptional lives by reducing the learning inequalities that many children with different developmental disorders currently deal with,” said Ladislas de Toldi, Leka co-founder and CEO to ToyNews.

“While there has been a lot of innovation regarding smart toys that can aid in cognitive development, none of these toys are available for public use and cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. With Leka, there is finally a resource for parents who want to complement existing therapies and further foster family harmony between children and their parents, siblings and grandparents through play both at school and in-home.”

The company is aiming to be ready with the toy by the end of the year and start shipping it in early 2017. Leka will feature several educational activities allowing children to play while also reinforcing social and cognitive learning. Kids will be able to play Picture Bingo, Hide & Go Leka games and more. Among the other features are also Traveling Leka, Remote Control Leka, Time-Timer, Alarm Clock and Night Light.

Leka will also include a cloud-based monitoring platform. Equipped with sensors that record how a child is interacting with Leka, information is automatically uploaded to the platform so that parents, therapists and caregivers have the ability to track a child’s individual progress.

The platform analyses how children touch and use the device, the time they spend on activities, and reaction time to instructions. Parents, therapists, and caregivers can also communicate through the interface, including assigning homework and sharing notes on a child’s use and progress.

You can check out Leka in action in the video below: