SK Telecom and Intel will make talking teddy bears

SK Telecom and Intel will make talking teddy bears
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Stuffed animals can also take advantage of the latest technologies. South Korea’s SK Telecom and Intel will make talking teddy bears to show the benefits of the latest generation tech.

The two companies are developing voice and video communication technologies for the Internet of Things. They think that a teddy bear using this tech will be the best demonstration of their possibilities.

Meet the Talking teddy bear

SK Telecom already has the idea in motion. The telecom giant says the teddy bear will serve as a communication device between the child and the parents.

Then the child wants to talk to his or hers parents all the kid has to do is press the nose of the teddy bear. The stuffed animal will then send a notification to the smartphone of the parent.

The teddy bear will also have a camera in one of its eyes and a microphone. This way the parents can see their child and know what is going on. There is also a speaker in the mouth of the teddy bear. This way it will appear as the stuffie is talking with the parent’s voices.

At the moment SK Telecom is not fully ready with the talking teddy bear. It doesn’t even have a name or a design in place. The company hasn’t announced a release date either. This is because there is still a lot of work to be done, but eventually the talking teddy bear will be ready.