Six Star Wars plush animals for true fans

Six Star Wars plush animals for true fans
Image credit: ThinkGeek

The Star Wars franchise is back with full… force. So are fun stuffed animals made after creatures from the series.

The guys at ThinkGeek have a new set of six Star Wars plush animals for true fans. They are all ready for you to add them to your Star Wars collections.

The stuffies can go well both at home or in your office. Well, if your office is modern enough to accept the big fat Jabba the Hutt sitting on your desk that is.

Or you can keep the toys home and use Jabba for cuddling. You know you want to.

OK, we’ve established that Jabba is one of the six additions to the Star Wars plush animals collection from ThinkGeek. But what are the rest of the monsters?

Dewback and Jabba
Image credit: ThinkGeek

Well you have Wampa, Bantha, Tauntaun, Dewback and Rancor. All of them are available separately or as a collection. The price is 15 dollars a piece.

The sizes of the creatures vary but are generally between 6-inches and 12 inches. Naturally Jabba and Rancor are the biggest while Bantha is the smallest.

Bantha, Wampa, Rancor and Tauntaun
Image credit: ThinkGeek

All of the toys are quite detailed. Dewback even comes with a saddle. And Rancor is looking rather cute and welcoming which is a rare thing to say about this creature.

The Star Wars plush animals are officially licensed toys by the franchise. This makes them the ideal Christmas present for any true Star Wars fan. Or for yourself if you also like the famous movie series.