Six cool ways to store your stuffed animals

Six cool ways to store your stuffed animalsIf there is ever a problem due to stuffed animals is the question of where to keep them all. That can be a challenge if you have a quite a few stuffies.

One thing is for sure, your collection of stuffed animals will continue to grow. Even if you limit your buying, you will still add more and ore stuffies.

At some point you will simply see a pile of stuffed animals. So, what to do? It’s best if you find some stylish and practical ways to store and display your stuffed animals. Or at least your current favorites.

How to store your stuffed animals

The good thing is, that you can always employ your creativity for this one. Stuffed animals also love creative solutions. So take your time and think of something cool and fun! If you need some inspiration, here are some ideas.

You can make a stuffed animal zoo. It’s a bit tricky to do at first, but it’s an easy solution to store quite a few stuffed animals in a small space.

If you want your stuffies to be more free and relaxed, there are other options. For example the stuffed animal hammock.

Another option is to get a stylish wire laundry hamper. Then paint it in a funky color and add some decorations, sheets or whatever you prefer. It will be a great way to store and keep stuffed animals there.

An alternative is the hanging clothing organizer from iKEA. It’s from fabric and can become the house for at least a dozen of small to medium stuffies.

if you have many stuffed animals, then you can use more than one solution. Employ a few of the methods to create various “neighborhoods” with stuffies in your home. Creativity is key. Once you have a general idea of what you want to accomplish, the rest will be easy. Have fun!