Six cool stuffed animals videos

Six cool stuffed animals videosToday we have something special for you. We have selected five stuffed animals videos that focus on cool stuffed animals collections.

These stuffed animals videos are made by various people who have one thing in common. They love plush toys and are proud of that. And we are proud of them, too. Check them out, in no particular order, although we have saved the most impressive one for last.

First up a very nice collection of a girl who is obviously very passionate about her stuffies. She has a nice selection of plush animals that are all proudly displayed. Well done.

Our second offer in our cool stuffed animals videos selection is Lauren’s collection. It looks even bigger and she also likes to get stuffed toys as souvenirs from her vacations which is a great idea.

Our third choice is from another blogger. She is still collecting stuffed animals and has a very nice collection.

Number four. We go big. We go GIANT. A great collection of only really big stuffies.

Our fifth choice is a great collection of Build a Bear…bears. And it’s also focused on a specific type of Build a Bears. So that’s a collection within a collection. Pretty neat.

And sixth… By far the most impressive haul we’ve seen in a very long time. Just take a look at this massive collection of all kinds of stuffed animals. You can see popular characters, three or four example of one character and etc. This proves that Claw machines can actually be beaten. I guess it takes some skill and A LOT of patience, but it is definately possible.

Ain’t that really impressive? Have you found other cool stuffed animals videos? Or do you have your own you wish to share? If so, do that in the comments below or in our forum.