Six animated plush animals

Animated plush animals can be quite fun. They can sing, dance… snore. We have chosen a few animated plushies that can bring a big smile to your face.

There are quite a lot of animated plush animals out there. Most of them usually sing a song or two, or have the abilities to dance to a certain tune.

We’ve already shown quite a few fun videos of animated stuffed animals. There are also a lot more. And there are also some quite fun toys.

Six animated plush animals

For example Arnold the stuffed pig. He does not particularly like singing and dancing. He prefers to rest and take a nap. Sometimes he will sleep so deep he woud begin to snore and wiggle his ears. Sometimes he has dreams and talks in his sleep. He would be a great companion for anyone who has trouble falling asleep.

Al FredoOr maybe you prefer something more lively afterall? You cah check out Al Fredo. This 19-inch tall teddy bear has a full Cheff outfit like a classic Italian pizza maker.

Al Fredo loves to sing “That’s Amore” and even has some moves to perform as he sings.

Up for something more romantic? Lenny the lion is your answer. This 11-inch stuffed lion has a personality of his own. He loves to sing “Bad Case of Loving You” while he walks around the room. And maybe even tries to do a move or two.

Lenny animated stuffed lion

There are also some animated plush animals that are focusing on a certain theme. Like the American Hero Marines Teddy Bear. He is 19-inches tall and dressed in a Marines uniform. He moves and sings “From the Halls of Montezuma”.

American Hero Teddy Bear

Next up is Mailin. He sings “Sing, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” while he dances around. He can move his legs and head with the tune.


And finally, something scary. Really scary. The Menacing Mummy. He will walk around and say scary things. Beware!

But also have fun with these and other animated plush animals.