Sisters create wearable stuffed animals

Sisters create wearable stuffed animalsPeople will always love stuffed animals. And there will always be a place for one more. Meet the Curly Petz which are wearable stuffed animals.

What are wearable stuffed animals? They are the creation of Tana and Myla Zapf. The two sisters took part in the San Diego Inventors Forum and won it with their Curly Petz.

Their invention is already patented. At first sight, they are normal, simple stuffed animals. But they have an interesting feature.

You can actually wear them around your wrist. This way your small stuffed friends can always be with you. What’s more you will have a free hand and not have to always carry your friend. Or you can hang them somewhere. The idea is simple. This way you won’t lose your stuffed animal during the day when you are out playing with them.

The Zapf sisters are launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 in seed money to start production themselves. And it starts on Jan. 17, national Kid Inventors’ Day, the San Diego Union Tribune reports.

You can expect to see the toys on more places. The San Diego Zoo merchandisers express interes in it. “We learned from Zoo buyers that tons of the very stuffed toys kids purchased during the day ended up lost and being swept into the trash  that night.”