Show your classic stuffed animals

Classic stuffed animals - penguinDo you have classic stuffed animals? You know ones from your childhood or even passed down from generations? We know you do. We have some too.

Old stuffed animals are a great heirloom. They carry a lot of history and memories with them that will always flow to the surface when you see your stuffed friend.

We created this page with the hope to gather the classic stuffed animals from around the world. To build a place where they can meet and maybe even share some of their best stories.

If you want to participate you can build your own topic in our forum. Each classic stuffed animals post there will get it’s own page here as well.

And just for a teaser. The penguin you see up there is from 1986. Granted he’s not that old but he’s been already passed to the younger ones of the family and has been to a few countries. He carries a lot of memories and is still looking relatively fresh.

His history though is relatively unknown. He has no tags of any sort. It is believed he was manufacured in one of the Soviet republics. Whatever the case, he’s become one of the favorites in the family. And he’s waiting to meet other classic stuffed animals from around the world.