Should you pierce the ears of your stuffed animal

Should you pierce the ears of your stuffed animalPiercing the ears of a stuffed animal is an easy way to personalize it with new accessories. But is it something you should do? Let’s discuss it.

If you pierce the ears of a stuffed animal you can add earrings, tags and other accessories, which will better reflect the personality of the stuffie. Sure, you can always change the earrings if your grow bored of them, but the holes in the ears will be permanent.

Here’s why you shouldn’t do this. One very simple, but important reason. If you have children in the house, then adding small accessories to stuffed animals, like earrings, can be a very dangerous choking hazard. A stuffed animal for a child should only have sewn on details that can’t be taken off. This means no buttons, no necklaces and certainly no earrings.

If you are a child and want to do that, first ask your parents for permission. Better yet, let them do it if they actually agree.

You shouldn’t pierce the ears of a stuffie also if you want to preserve them as original as possible. A pierced ear is certainly a way not to achieve that.

But, if there are no children in your home, and you really do want to give a stuffed animal a more personal look, then, yes, you can pierce the ear. It is very easy to do.

Use a safety pin or a needle to make the hole. Run the needle/pin a few times through the hole to make sure there is enough room for the stud of the earring.

If the stud is sharp and thin enough, you can actually use it to make the hole. Another option is to use a pin. Also make sure you run the pin through the hole a few times.

If or when you are changing the earrings, make sure you are again using the same hole. If you make new ones every time, you run the risk of ruining the ear of the stuffed animal and it can even tear.