Should we expect Toy Story 5 after the success of the latest movie

Should we expect Toy Story 5 after the success of the latest movie
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Steve Jurvetson

Despite a slightly slower start than expected, Toy Story 4 is still performing very well. The movie is set to post a strong second week and reviews are great. It’s still one of the best received movies in the franchise so far. So much so, that fans are now starting to wonder will there be Toy Story 5?

If you ask some of the biggest Toy Story fans, they will say, that yes, they will happily watch another movie from the series. Maybe even several. But would that be a good thing?

Toy Story 4 has a very nice, emotional and seemingly decisive ending. It’s not one that there’s not coming back from, but it is one that sure does put a nice bow on the story. But previous Toy Story movies have also done the same.

So, while the movie seems like a great ending for the franchise, it still could continue down the line. According to CBR, ending Toy Story now will be Disney and Pixar’s “biggest mistake”. There’s clearly enough fan interest and a lot more you can tell in the story of the toys.

But is that actually needed? Toy Story 4 makes it seem easy, but let’s not forget that the movie was in development for years. It took a lot of time to create a compelling enough story, then detail it and make it both emotion and entertaining. It also took a director change and a lot more.

So, it’s definitely not an easy process. The end result may show that it was worth it, but it also shows just how challenging it can be. Some of the actors and the team behind the movie have already said that it’s too early to think about Toy Story 5. For now it’s not even on the cards, as the companies and people behind the Toy Story 4 just want to take some time and enjoy the results of their work.

Would Woody and the gang come back? Our guess is that, yes, eventually they will do, but not anytime soon. Let’s not forget that Toy Story 3 was 9 years ago. So, Toy Story 5, if at all, won’t be in the next 5 years minimum, maybe a lot more.