Should we buy stuffed animals for pets

Should we buy stuffed animals for petsThis is an often asked question – should we buy stuffed animals for pets? What are the risks? Is it good for real animals? Consumer Reports has some tips that might be useful.

Buying stuffed animals for pets is a great way to give them a nice toy to play with. Pets also like stuffed animals and can bond with them as strange as that sounds.

But there is a little more to it than simply getting the first stuffed animal you see and giving it to your pet. You have to take a few things into consideration before you buy stuffed animals for pets. Consumer Reports gives a nice walkthrough.

There are many stuffed animals available. Most of them though can be quite delicate for a dog or a cat, especially if the pet is more lively and playful. Look for stuffies that are made out of more durable materials and are also made out of safe materials. Ideally the toys that are safe for kids, are also safe for pets.

There are also stuffies that have bells or other thingies inside them that make sounds. They can really bring out the curiosity in your pets and keep them entertained for a long time.

But if your dog for example is too lively or even agressive, then it is best not to give it a stuffed animal. The reason behind that is that the dog may get a bit overzealous and tear the toy apart. More worringly the dog them might try to eat the stuffing which can choke him or her.

If your pet is relatively calm and playful though, then get a stuffed animal for it by all means. Always keep an eye on your pets while they play with the stuffed toys just to be on the safe side.

Also take size into consideration. Don’t get too smal toys for a big dog, because they might get swallowed.

Always keep an eye out for the condition of the toys. If they start getting worn out or there are tears, it is best to replace them to prevent accidents. Although sometimes your pet can get attached to the toy and not accept the new one. In these cases it is best to fix the toy as much as possible. Taking care about these little details will assure you that your pets will be safe with their stuffed animals.