Sewing stuffed animals tips

Sewing stuffed animals tipsYou have started making your own plush toys? Great. We have gathered a few sewing stuffed animals tips that we hope will help you out in achieving the desired results.

The sewing stuffed animals tips we have cover various elements in the process of making a stuffed animal. We have covered that here. But now we have a little extra. And now, onto the

Sewing stuffed animals tips

One of the most common fabric to use when making a soft toy is of course plush. It gives out best results and it is readily available in a huge variety of colors. But is also one of the trickier fabrics to work with.

In most cases plush fabrics are a lot of knits sewn together so they react differently than regular fabrics. You should be more patient and careful when sewing plush. Also use a walking foot because the fabric is thicker and you will need a thicker needle too.

Also plush can be slippery. This can make it a bit more difficult to cut into the desired patterns. So be very patient and try different folds to see which one would work best for you.

When cutting the pieces, always leave a little extra room to be able to cover for mistakes. After you’re satisfied with the test fitting you can cut the pieces down to perfect size. Also remember you will need some additional space for the seam. Usually about 1/4 inch is enough.

If you’re not using a sewing machine, then you will need some extra patience. Have a pair of scissors just for cutting fabric and don’t use them for anything else. Use lots of pins to fix the cut pieces in place while you sew them toghether. Of course be very careful not to poke yourself.

Apart from plush you can use almost all other kinds of fabrics. Best is to go with more common ones though like cotton, velvet, synthetics.

One of the important sewing stuffed animals tips is to thicker thread. After all the soft toy will be played with and it needs to be durable.

Also is best to add the main extra bits like eyes and so on while the pieces are still not completely sewn together. It would be easier than later.

Don’t know how to make patterns? The web has you covered. While most of the stuff is paid, you can also find free patterns on the web. They would be a nice start and guideline before you feel comfortable enough to start making your own designs.

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