Several plush animals make the BJ’s Wholesale Club Top 10 Toys for 2016

Several plush animals make the BJ's Wholesale Club Top 10 Toys for 2016Plush animals are enjoying a lot of attention from fans and retailers. A few of them even made BJ’s Wholesale Club Top 10 Toys for 2016.

“The Top 10 Toys List features items that can only be found at BJ’s at great prices only BJ’s can offer,” said Lee Delaney, executive vice president, chief growth officer, BJ’s Wholesale Club. “From jumbo stuffed animals to PAW Patrol Rescue Heroes, families can find all the toys their kids want at the best value this holiday season.”

There are a few stuffed animals featured, too. One of them is a huge stuffed dog. There’s also a Plush Collector series in a 4 pack.

Fans of Doc McStuffins can also get in on the fun. They will have a special on-the-go pet carrier and a small stuffed dog to take care of.

There are some other toys and figurines, as well. Also, you can choose a few tech toys like the PAW Patroller Vehicle, Marble Mania Master Blaster and other. There’s a lot of toys ready and given the rest of the store’s lists, you will be spoiled for choice this year.

The list of Top 10 Toys features:

•Jumbo Plush Dog
•Disney Junior Deluxe Collectible Figure Set, 20 piece.
•Happy Hero Giant Keyboard Playmat
•Techno Gears Marble Mania® Master Blaster
•Waterbabies® Twincesses®
•Plush Collector Series, 4 pack, available in-Club only.
•Deco Tape Maker with BONUS Tape Rolls
•World of Creativity Super Activity Set, available in-Club only.
•PAW Patroller Vehicle PlaysetTM with BONUS Vehicle
•Doc McStuffins Toy Hospital On-The-Go Pet Carrier