Several classic toys get reinvented for 2015

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Several classic toys get reinvented for 2015Over the years there have been many toys that have left a mark in people’s minds. Now some of them are getting reinvented and are returning this year.

Babycenter is reporting that there are several classic toys that have cool and fun new versions out. They give a great mix of the stuff that made people love them in the first place with modern touches to answer today’s trends and technology advancements.

Amongst the new updated classic toys are the Care Bears Sing-a-longs. Cheer, Grumpy, Funshine and Share Bear are now able to be synced so that they can sing and dance together. “Since we started the company 5 years ago, we recognized a resurgence in retro toys, and parents’ desire to share favorite toys from their childhood with their children,” Geoffrey Greenberg, Co-President of Just Play told BabyCenter. “We wanted to bring back properties and brands that had both timeless play patterns and nostalgic appeal. Also, while we maintained the essence of the brands, we updated aesthetics and added some new features to ensure that the toys also appeal to the kids of today.”

Puppy Surprise is also back. You get a momma dog who carries a different amount of puppies. Each is also different. So you can get even some that make noises. Find out more about Puppy Surprise here.

Play-Doh is also coming back in new possibilities. There’s the new Crazy Cuts Playset that allows for the creation of crazy hairstyles. “Playtime with the Play-Doh Crazy Cuts playset is more than just fun for kids – it’s an exciting trip down memory lane for parents,” Greg Lombardo, vice president of marketing for the Play-Doh brand, told BabyCenter. “In this year’s take on the beloved 1977 Fuzzy Pumper Barber & Beauty Shop playset, kids and parents alike will enjoy new hair styling tools, thimbles, and molds, along with a variety of new Play-Doh compound colors that weren’t around in the ‘70s.”

Amongst the reinvented toys we also see Little Live Pets. They can sing, dance, interact with the player in new ways. “Whether the pet is chattering back to them, dancing to music or swimming in water, the interactivity of Little Live Pets will keep kids engaged and provide them with hours of play! Little Live Pets also teaches kids to be nurturing and caring, whether they’re feeding Cleverkeet on his perch or petting the little mice in the palm of their hands. Little Live Pets are cute and cuddly like original toy pets people used to play with, but now they offer much more interactive fun!”, Paul Solomon, Co-CEO of Moose Toys says.

Also, the Cabbage Patch Kids are back! “For the 2015 line, we’ve introduced a new play-pattern which allows your child and her best friend 14-inch Cabbage Patch Kid to rescue or adopt their favorite pet. Each pet wears an electronic heart locket around its collar with lights and sounds”, says Jeremy Padawer, Co-President/Partner for Cabbage Patch Kids. Each Kid has a key and when you combine the key and the locket, the heart lights up. There are already plans for even more new interactive possibilities with the Cabbage Patch Kids.

The Girl Scouts Cookie Oven is also returning and it is fully working. You can make real cookies with it! It has been improved so it can have hot tasty cookies in 15-20 minutes of baking time.