Seven hidden features of Tickle Me Elmo X-treme

Tickle Me Elmo X-treme Edition
Image credit: Flickr (CC) / Yellow Ponny

Tickle Me Elmo X-treme is a popular interactive stuffed toy which is still being very sought after despite being nearly 10 years old. Here are some secrets of Tickle Me Elmo X-treme.

Elmo is one of the most famous Sesame Street characters of all time. He has a huge fan base of both children and adults. The original Tickle Me Elmo toy was pretty simple, but very fun. Elmo was giggling a lot when you tickle his tummy.

The Tickle Me Elmo X-treme edition is even more interactive and features many more actions. Some of them remain hidden to be found as you keep playing with the funny toy. But still, let’s find out some of the hidden features of Tickle Me Elmo X-Treme.

For example if you lift Elmos arm and tickle his stomach at the same time, he will talk and start singing a funny song.

If you raise his right arm and then make him sit and then put his arm on his foot then tickle his feet. This will make Elmo hiccup and then he will laugh in his typical charm.

If you ask Elmo “How big?” he will… fall down and sleep… In order to wake him up, you have to simply tickle his feet.

If you lay Elmo on his back and then tickle his chin, he will begin to do leg lifts. At the end he will touch his toes.

Make Elmo stand. Then Lift his arm and bend him over his toes then tickle his foot. He will ask you a special question.

Turn Elmo off and raise one of his arms. Then have him sit, then lay down. Then make him do another sit up and lay down with his arms on the floor. Finally, stand him up and tickle his belly. This will trigger one more special trick.

Keep searching. The X-Treme Edition has been updated over the years. There might be new tricks that Elmo can do and surprise you.