School bus driver makes crochet stuffed animals for each kid on her bus

School bus driver makes crochet stuffed animals for each kid on her bus
Image: Trudy Serres

Sharing the hobby is half the fun. A school bus driver from Lake Country does just that by making crochet stuffed animal for each kid on her bus.

Trudy Serres posted about her hobby on Facebook. That was enough to gather attention from local media and now she’s making world news.

When waiting for the kids at school or at an event, Trudy spends her time crocheting. And the kids saw her do it, so they became quite interested.

“I am a bus driver and my elementary students see me crochet and they thought they could challenge me. It all started with a taco, and it ended up being 34 items”, she¬†wrote on Facebook.

“The kids would see me crocheting, and they would always ask to see the finished product,” Serres told the Lake Country Reporter. “Then one little boy asked for a taco. It all started with a taco. He said ‘Do you think you could do a taco?’ and I said ‘I probably could.’ He showed every student on this bus what Miss Trudy made and gave to him, so I can’t do it just for one,” Serres said.

“The students got to pick what they wanted and I crocheted it. All but the star war patterns were free. All loved them. Found out from parents that some take them to bed, some go to church with them. Some had to go on vacation with them. Makes my heart melt that these little items mean so much to these beautiful children”, she adds on Facebook.

She also adds that as a result, she has the most well behaved bus. And all of the stuffies get to meet regularly on the bus.