Scare your friends with this realistic Alien Xenomorph plush toy

Scare your friends with this realistic Alien Xenomorph plush toyNeed something more unusual in your stuffed animals collection? How about a scary looking realistic Alien Xenomorph plush toy? One designer has made just that.

Catherine Abanina from Russia makes various stuffed animals for a living. She sells them on Etsy after she designs and makes them herself.

Most of her stuffed animals are regular cats, bears and other more cartoonish elephants, giraffe and so on. But Catherine also has a taste for sci-fi.

As a result, she has created this impressively realistic Alien Xenomorph. It’s entirely handmade and quite big.

The Xenomorph plush is 68 cm. long and 65 cm tall. It features fleece, wire frame for the body, holofiber and plasty.

Alien Xenomorph plush

As you can imagine, this isn’t a toy for cuddling. It’s more of a collector’s piece. Catherine makes them to order for $365 a pop. It’s expensive for sure, but it’s also an unique item that it’s bound to be quite rare. And it’s for sure going to be a centerpiece of any collector’s display.

So, you can check the plush Xenomorph out and see whether it’s something you would like to have. You could also drop Catherine a line and see if she could make a smaller version if this one is too big for your available space.