Sad stuffed animals teach kids to care about pollution

Sad stuffed animals teach kids to care about pollutionAs we know, stuffed animals can and do help with a lot of things. One of them is to teach children about caring. Like the new Pollutoys which help tech kids about pollution.

The Pollutoys are a creation by Sea Shepherd. You will remember the toys for they sad faces.

Usually, we are used to see happy and cheerful stuffed animals. Not the Pollutoys. They are still soft, cuddly and lovable. But they are looking sad.

That’s because their tummies are full with trash like plastic bags, bottles, cups, straws, balloons and etc. The Pollutoys are created with the help of teachers who know how they can send a powerful message to kids.

Kids usually receive Pollutoys during special classes which teach about pollution and taking care of the environment. The toys show the kids exactly what happens to real animals.

The toys are great to gather the attention of kids. Then teachers use the stuffies to give kids solutions and tips how to take better care of the environment. There are also story cards that come with the toys and offer tips.

All of the additional items that come into the bellies of the toys are also made from plush. They are safe for kids and will help carry the powerful message. According to the agency release, learning through toys can help kids improve memory retention in kids between three- to five-years-old by 77%.