Ryan’s World tops the list of YouTube’s biggest earners

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Ryan's World tops the list of YouTube's biggest earners8-year-old YouTube star Ryan Kaji topped the list of the YouTube’s biggest earners in 2019. He outperformed everyone else on YouTube, including PewDiePie who’s the most popular person by subscriber count.

Despite that, PewDiePie has earned about £10 million in 2019. Ryan on the other hand has earned exactly double that – £20 million in 2019 alone. On second place is Dude Perfect with £15, followed by Nastya with £14 million.

All top ten earners earn a combined £123 million or about $162 million. YouTube channels with kids and/or toys seem to be on the rise and currently attract more viewers, The Sun reports.

All of this shows that YouTube is still a place to make big money despite the controversies on the platform over the past year or so. But it also shows that things are changing and the interests of the viewers are going elsewhere. So are the money, as a result.

While other types of channels still make good money to earn a nice living, for the time being toys seem to rule it all. That’s good news for the ones that already have a thriving toy channel. But if you aim to start one now to take advantage of the bump, be warned it’s going to be very difficult. There are already plenty of popular toy channels and looking different will be difficult.