Rubie’s and Centum Books attempted a Minions World Record for Guinness

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Rubie's and Centum Books attempted a Minions World Record for Guinness

We recently said the Minions are taking over the world. In another sign of this, people dressed as Minions tried to set the world record for that activity.

The World Record attempt was coordinated by Centum Books and Rubie’s Masquerade, ToyNews reports. It was made to coincide with Centum Book’s publishing launch and was held at Vue Cinema Westfield.

The goal was simple – everybody attending had to be dressed as a Minion. “Sunday was an amazing success and a real sight to see a cinema full of Minions,” commented Geoffrey Reynolds of Centrum Books. “I was delighted by the effort everybody made and it was good to see the children (and grown-ups) having so much fun.”

First the people watched the Minions movie. Then, after it was over, the people put their Minion costumes on and were ready for the count. Naturally some attendees had brought their Minion soft toys. They don’t count in the overall result, they are simply for fun.

It will take some time to find out whether the record is set or not. Guinness has a bit of a process to validate and verify each result in order to guarantee that the records in its book are real and unique.

Meanwhile The Minions has overtaken Disney’s Frozen to become the top-selling license for the British toy market, according the global research provider The NPD Group. Minions is already the third best-selling license in the French toy market and number six in the US and is expected to go even higher up the list.

“Expectations are high at retail after the general public allegedly demanded more merchandise following the first two movies,” said Frederique Tutt, global industry analyst for The NPD Group.

So, yes, the Minions are taking over the world. Which side you will be on?