Rocky Mountain Dragons begins a Kickstarter campaign

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Rocky Mountain Dragons begins a Kickstarter campaign
Image credit: Rocky Mountain Dragons

Some people might say to you a plush toy only gathers dust. Well, Rocky Mountain Dragons will show you that stuffies can also be very practical and useful.

Rocky Mountain Dragons is a new brand by Tiffany DonMoyer. She likes stuffed animals like many of us do, but she is also fed up of hearing that the toys aren’t useful. So she set out to make the perfect shoulder pack.

This is how the Rocky Mountain Dragons were born. Currently they are having a Kickstarter campaign seeking funding for further expansion. “The idea of my plush shoulder pack came from a dragon I designed six years ago, the Cape Dragon. This has been my most popular selling dragon at conventions. My customers love the way that the dragon forms around you making a cape and having its head look over your shoulders”, writes Tiffany.

The shoulder pack’s zipper is on the belly so it is hidden from view which makes stealing from it quite more tricky. The pocket can fit everything you need to get through your day such as phone, keys, wallet, pens, etc. The pack features and adjustable strap for better comfort.

So basically you have your stuffed friend always by your side and on your shoulder. It is a perfect accessory that will make sure you get noticed. If this Kickstarter is successful the dragon order will be placed and the delivery of the first run of dragon and fox packs will be in September.

The dragon and the fox packs will cost 40 dollars a piece and with them you get a Digital Art Pack, too. You can order one from anywhere in the world, too, but the shipping costs may vary.

The campaign is on until by Aug 2nd 2015, so there is still time to join and choose a shoulder pack.