Rick Springfield shows off his huge Star Wars action figures collection

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Rick Springfield shows off his huge Star Wars action figures collectionRock icon Rick Springfield unveils his secret hobby – collecting Star Wars action figures. He now shows off is huge and impressive collection.

In a special video for Rolling Stone magazine, Rick Springfield gives a glimpse of his huge collection of Star Wars action figures. He has the most rare ever figures, including one that it is the only one known in the world.

He also has some toys that he has bought for about a dollar and now they cost into the thousands of dollars. But he says he is a collector and not a seller and the thought of selling even one of his figures, never crosses his mind.

What we can also notice is that he takes a real good care of the figures. Each toy is kept unboxed in the original box. What’s more, each box is then in a transparent plastic box that is also sealed in a plastic bag. If that doesn’t convince you that Springfield is really passionate about his Star Wars collection, nothing will.

He even adds that he likes the toys more than he likes the actual Star Wars movie. That is a true collector right there. “They’re cheesy figures!” Springfield laughs. “They’re badly painted, badly made … the only cool thing is the great artwork”, he adds. But he still loves his collection very much.

You can see the video on Rolling Stone’s page, as they don’t allow embedding. There are also some Star Wars figures experts that share their opinions on Springfield’s collection. Since this is a rock star talking to a rock magazine, there are a couple of edgy words in the video, so be warned about that. If you want a piece of similar action figures, toy collector NIGO is selling his massive Star Wars collection in a special auction.