Retro toys make a comeback at the 2016 London Toy Fair

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Retro toys make a comeback at the 2016 London Toy FairThe toy industry continues to show more and more signs of revival thanks to retro toys that are making a comeback at the 2016 London Toy Fair. The event showcased that nostalgia toys with a new spin can really spark up new life in the toy market.

The British Toy and Hobby Association (BTHA) said the re-launch of many old favorites would boost sales following the industry’s highest growth in five years in 2015, the BBC reports. The UK is Europe’s largest toy market and grew 5.9% last year. Revived classic toys had a big part in this success.

“We think that for 2016 retro licenses will help to sustain the growth,” Natasha Crookes, of the BTHA, told the BBC. This works both ways as it attracts the attention of new parents who see the toys they grew up with. As a result they want to get them for their kids, who seems to like them too.

Furthermore several classic series were rebooted this past year. Amongst them were the Teletubbies and Thunderbirds. They both were named amongst the best new toys at the 2016 London Toy Fair. Dangermouse and Noddy have also made returns to TV and subsequently to the toy stores.

Movie-related toy sales were up 27% thanks to the success of merchandise from Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Minions, according to the NPD Group. Sales of action figures increased 20%, while building sets and soft toys both grew 14%. Yes, the market for stuffed animals is also growing!

Speaking of soft toys, three plushies were named amongst the Best New Toys at the 2016 London Toy Fair: The Popples Talk & Pop Plush by Spin Master, the Whizzpopping BFG by Rainbow Designs and the 8-inch Teletubbies talking plush toys by Character.

LEGO took two awards for building sets with its City Airport and NEXO KNIGHTS: Jestro’s Evil Monster sets. The third award went to Revell for its Junior Kit.

In the action figures segment Jazwares took an award for Danger Mouse- Mark IV Danger Car, while Character got one for the returning Stretch Armstrong. Vivid took the third award for its supersize Thinderbird 3 Playset. As a whole, it seems that 2016 will be a very interesting year for toy fans with lots of great new stuff in the pipeline