Rescuing Teddy gives unwanted stuffed animals a new life

Rescuing Teddy gives unwanted stuffed animals a new lifeAn 8-year-old girl has given her grandmother a great idea – to create Rescuing Teddy which saves unwanted stuffed animals and gives them a new life. The idea has born back in 2012 and it is starting to get more widely known, the Inquisitr reports.

Back in 2012 Marcie Freeman and her granddaughter Lillian were taking a walk and saw an old scuffed and ruffled teddy bear in the garbage. The little girl, who was five at the time, picked the teddy bear up and asked her grandmother why whoever has thrown the teddy bear doesn’t love it.

Lillian kept asking why the teddy bear is thrown away and what will happen with it now. Her grandmother started to explain about landfill and so on. It was then that the owner of the teddy bear walked out of her house and Lillian asked her the same thing. The lady explained the child in the house is now older and doesn’t want the teddy bear but she can keep it if she wants it.

This is the story of Rescuing Teddy. Today though there is much more to it than simply collecting old stuffed animals that need a new home. Stuffies are taken in for a makeover. Often the original stuffing is removed and replaced with brand new hypoallergenic stuffing. The entire teddy bear is cleaned professionaly. It may even receive new clothes or accessories if it had such.

The remade teddy bears (and other stuffies too) are then given a name and are ready to find a new home. Some toys are sold in order to aquire funds to keep the whole thing going. Other stuffies though are given away for causes.

Recuing Teddy even has a Facebook page where you can see the latest stuffies in need of a new home. Marcie says she loves the project and wants it to continue to grow. She is determined to help as much stuffies as possible to find a new home.

And if you are wondering what happened to the first teddy bear, that is the reason Rescuing Teddy was born, don’t worry. He is still kept by Lillian and it is one of her favorite toys.