Rascal the Raccoon and Hello Kitty team up for new stuffed animals

Rascal the Raccoon and Hello Kitty team up for new stuffed animalsRascal the Raccoon marks his 40th Anniversary and to commemorate it he has a special project. Rascal is teaming up with Hello Kitty for new stuffed animals.

Sanrio is joining Rascal the Raccoon and Hello Kitty for a special new line of merchandise. It has quite a few items like bags, napkins, stickers and a lot of stuffed animals.

The plush toys and other products will debut on July 21th 2016. There are a lot of items like pencil cases, tote bags and stuffed animals which are our main interest.

There will be several different versions of stuffies. Some of them will be traditional small stuffies for one character. However, there will be other stuffies which combine Rascal and Hello Kitty into one.

There are also some Tsum-Tsum-like round stuffed animals which you could stack up. They also come in two versions – one as each character and one mixing up both characters into one. They will also come in both small and large versions.

The toys will be offered mostly in Japan. You would be able to get some online though. Prices will vary from about $2.70 to $27 depending on the size and type of stuffed animal and toy. It is a great way to mark the 40th Anniversary of Rascal the Raccoon.