Rare Star Wars action figure breaks price records once again

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Rare Star Wars action figure breaks price records once again
This is the previous record holder – an unpainted version of the same figure.

Star Wars action figure, especially from the old days, tend to fetch big bucks at auctions. In fact, they often set price records for incredible amounts.

Currently Hake’s in York is holding an online action of about 400 rare Star Wars items. Among them is the Boba Fett rocket-firing prototype action figure.

This is one of the rarest Star Wars action figures out there. As a result it’s fetching pretty penny. As of this writing the highest bid is $146 772.38. And the figure itself is valued between $200 000 and $500 000. Yikes.

The official item description is quite detailed, too: “AFA graded and encapsulated 3.75” tall fully painted engineering pilot with country-of-origin and copyright stamps, representing the final phase of development for this infamous 1979 Boba Fett prototype action figure. Originally 80-100 examples of this prototype were shipped to Kenner from Hong Kong for safety testing purposes; which resulted in only “non-firing” examples with sonically welded missiles being released to the public. Approximately 24-26 examples of this J-Slot variety are known to have survived, with several existing in rather rough condition, having been subjected to a variety of safety testing procedures that included but were not limited to heating, freezing, and other destructive trials and tribulations. Due to the exceptional condition of the example offered here – AFA-graded 85+ NM+ – this J-Slot was clearly spared these harsh conditions. The only evidence that this prototype was used for testing evaluation is the typical indexing marks placed on the underside of figure’s feet.”

If you happen to have money to spare, you can join in on the auction. The end date is November 7th, 2019. So, there’s still some time remaining. This means that the price is surely going to go even higher.