R. John Wright releases a special new Christmas Kitten Holly stuffed animals

R. John Wright releases a special new Christmas Kitten Holly stuffed animalsR. John Wright announced it’s latest stuffed animal. Meet Holly. She is a stuffed kitten and comes specially for Christmas. She is a limited edition.

Holly will be made in a limited edition of only 250 pieces for the entire world. Each toy will come in a special crafted box.

Included is a numbered certificate of authenticity and forms for owner registration. Fans can order Holly through R. John Wright’s dealers.

Holly follows the footsteps of Snowball and Jungles. They were the first two stuffed kittens by the company for Christmas from past years.

More about Holly the Christmas kitten

Holly comes as the third issue of the “Christmas Kittens” line. She is made from white alpaca plush and felt. The toy even has joints at the shoulders and neck. You can play with it or proudly display it in various poses.

Holly is about 10-inches tall. The huge attention to details continues with every piece. Her eyes are from German glass. She features detailed paws, nose, eyes. The toy is filled with soft, cuddly stuffing and properly weighted with pellets.

As far as we can tell, Holly has only one problem. She will be made in way too small numbers. We would love to get our hands on one, but we aren’t even close enough to a dealer to be quick enough to order one. So, if you have one, you are very lucky.