Puppy Surprise is back and popular than ever

Puppy Surprise is back and popular than ever
Credit: YouTube

In the early 90s a fun stuffed dog came out on the market and quickly rose to fame. It was Puppy Surprise which came with three, four or five puppies in the belly of the dog. You couldn’t know how much you’d get until you buy it.

Puppy Surprise became quite popular. The retro gift returned in August 2014. And it turned out that many people still remember it and want to get one.

Puppy Surprise is made by Just Play and it proved very popular this time as well. So popular it nearly sold out so the company had to stop the advertising for a while until it builds up inventory and stock in the stores, BusinessWeek reports.

There are several types of stuffed animals you can choose from. All of them are pregnant. Each toy has several puppies or babies attatched in its’ belly. Their number is random to keep it interesting.

On top of that, the puppies are now coming in different shapes, sizes and colors. To keep it realistic, there’s a computer algorithm that does the calculations. So probably won’t get a black puppy if you get a pink momma dog.

There is another new feature. The puppies have rubber heads and will open their eyes when dunked in cold water.

The overall design of Puppy Surprise though is very similar to the traditional toys from the 90s. The hairstyles might be different, there might be some more colors. But, if you remember the toys from way back, now you will feel like seeing an old friend in new clothes.

This is done intentionally by the manufacturer. Just Play wanted to make the toys remind you of their history.

The popularity of the new and revamped Puppy Surprise portfolio has also motivated Just Play to expand the line. In the works ara various accessories for the toys, beds, feeding bottles, veterinarian kits and many more. New stuffies are also planned, like a rabbit with bunnies for Easter.

Also check out the old classic commercial of the toys: